Hi Jim,
All I can say is you must have had a lot of bad luck as I've never had
that problem. I often run Windows update and the system runs better
and those patches fixes bugs, security problems, whatever in the
operating system I am running. There are cases such as the upgrade to
Internet Explorer 5 to Internet Explorer 6 where that was a bad
decision because Internet Explorer 6 had a number of memory leaks and
bugs that were eventually resolved in Internet Explorer 7 that is why
I don't run anything less than Internet Explorer 7 and I happen to
have Internet Explorer 8 which comes with Windows 7  anyway. However,
by and large my system doesn't "go to heck" when I apply patches and
upgrades. So I really don't understand what happened or why your
system had that problem.
What I can say is you have obviously had a few bad experiences with
upgrades, I can see that by the tone of your message, and now your
attitude is that all upgrades are bad. The "if it ain't broke don't
fix it" mentality. Unfortunately, that is a very very narrow view of
life and computer software in general, because it totally ignores some
of the good things that can come from upgrading.  Weather or not you
use those features or not some of us do appreciate some of the things
we get by upgrading.
For example, Internet Explorer 8 comes with Windows 7 out of the box.
I happen to feel it is a superior product over Internet Explorer 6 for
a number of reasons. There were a numbr of bugs in Internet Explorer 6
that are no longer in Internet Explorer 8, it has multitab browsing, a
built in pop up blocker, amung other nice handy little features. So
with multitab browsing in I.E. 8 I can have my gmail inbox open in one
tab and have something like Facebook open in another. I could even
create a third tab and be browsing amazon.com in still yet another
tab. It allows me to browse multiple websites or look at different
pages at once for various reasons which I personally think comes in
handy. You don't really realise how handy a feature like that comes in
handy until you have it and begin using it regularly. It is a feature
that meets the needs of those of us who spend a lot of time on the
internet doing this or that.
Basicly, whatI am saying is that your attitude towards upgrades is
similar to attitudes some women have after they come out of a bad
relationship. I've got a female friend like that, and her attitude is
that all men suck and are jurks. Does that make it true?
Well, of course not. However, since you had afew bad upgrade
experiences, for one reason or another, now your attitude that
upgrading is all bad, nothing but bad, and therefore no person in
their right mind would do it. Well, I'm sorry that you had those bad
experiences, but that's being overly critical in my opinion.


On 7/8/10, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Ok, but still all I hear is I need the latest, latest, latest, and as I
> stated every time I up grade my computer it goes to heck!  So I plan to use
> my computer the way that it is until it dies and I need to somehow buy a new
> computer and a screen reader that will run on it.

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