I deffinately agree tom, there isn't much point in either complaning of a changing interface or of refusing to upgrade.

However, there is another side to the coin.

Suppose there was a building which had previously had a ramp to the front door. After some rebuilding work, the ramp was replaced with a flight of steps, and if a wheel chair user wanted to enter the building they were required to make a five minute detour around the building to the back.

Yes, the building is stil accessable, and no, it wouldn't bennifit anyone for someone in a wheel chair to refuse to use it, however in removing steps to the front door, the building's owners have increased the amount of time, effort and trouble which wheel chair users need to get into the building.

this is how I view a lot of interface changes. Yes, they are stil accessible, however because of using ribbons with fewer hotkeys, increasing the amount of on screen information and context sensative information thus making the interface more cluttered and difficult to navigate, microsoft (or any designer), have increased the amount of time and effort necessary to use their application.

In Xp, I have customized the menues and setup to work in the way I personally want them. I have removed all the clutter and created subfolders short cuts and directories which both are relevant to my own computer use, and specifically tailered to navigating more quickly using Hal.

In windows 7 however from what I understand, this amount of customization is much less possible sinse the menue structure is basically different from the classic layout.

The same may be said for the ribbon structure in office 2007.

is it useable? yes, but with more effort, and with less access to customizing the interface because, as I might say in a typical display of microsoft thinking, people are not expected to customize their own interface but use the provided context sensative menues and search boxes instead. I am in no way saying I refuse to upgrade my system when the time comes, only that it will take more effort because the interface is so much less customizable, and because microsoft are not concerned with making the lives of Vi computer users in any way easier or less concerned with effort.

I fully agree there is litle point saying "I reffuse" or attempting to only use older versions because odds are compatibility issues will come up, however I do think there are legitimate grounds for complaint, ---- albeit the complaining isn't exactly productive.

Beware the Grue!


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