Yeah, i agree that busyness mottle you mentioned is not suitable for such a small companies like the USA games is. And as i said, i won't regred to pay for your games, even if they will be developed under the linux.Cause these games are good quality - sound, environment, good ideas and so on. I won't pay money for text games or the games like poker and so on, but for the action games, arcades, symulators, no problem for me to pay 35 or 40 or 60 USD for them. And there are also people who prefer different kinds of games and would have no problem with paying for them. So i thing that developing games cross platform which will be playable under the windows, linux, mac, and want money from customers, respectively players, is absolutely fair and i have nothing against it. Maybee one or two years later, when linux will be more popular players will be interested in accessible games running under it so you will seriously thing of developing your games in both systems - win and linux. But as you said, today blind users of computers are using mostly windows, only a few percent of them uses linux or mac, so making linux versions of your games is still quite - useless.

  Dne 11.7.2010 18:32, Thomas Ward napsal(a):
Hi Petr,
Well, there are ways to make money with open source products like
Linux, but the business mottle Red Hat, ubuntu, Suse, Debian, etc use
wouldn’t work for a company like USA Games. The way the open source
business mottle essentially works is that the Linux Company downloads
the source from the maintainers/developers, compile, and package the
software and the company makes it available on the internet as a free
download or a boxed product with a cd and printed manual. They can
charge for the boxed copy you buy at Best Buy or other computer stores
because of the printed manual and cd as that is the physical media,
but the software is regarded as free. They also make most of their
money through technical support services, and have certified Linux
engineers set up Linux servers, networks, etc for companies which
helps bring in money for the Linux developers and maintainers.
All of that is well and good if you are are large Linux company who
are mostly selling technical support by phone/e-mail, offer onsite
setup services, etc to a company to maintain there network servers
etc. It is quite another when you are a small game company like USA
Games who makes all of our sales on internet downloads. In order for
us to make money using the open source business mottle it would go
something like this.
When we release a game we would post the game and the source code on
our website for free with no technical support, maybe a text version
of the manual, and nothing else. Then, we’d have a shopping cart link
where you could order it on cd with a Braille or audio manual and one
year of technical support.  As you might guess there is a lot of
problems with this business mottle. For one thing if someone can get
something for free they’ll download the game and source and try and
figure it out before paying $35 for the physical media, tech support,
and manuals.  People won’t pay for something if they don’t have to.
So for me to offer cd installations, Braille manuals, etc that will
cost me even more to produce those materials as I have to buy the
disks, burn them, to say nothing about the cost of Braille paper these
days.  Plus we have the added cost of shipping and handling worldwide.
It is just not a practical business mottle for a small company who
can’t depend on technical support phone calls, onsite setup and
printed books, etc to help raise money for the company. As I said you
can make good money with open source products, but only through
selling support services, books, physical media, putting adds on their
websites, and other things they do to make money for the company.
That’s why even though I like Linux, wish more software would go open
source, etc I also know the reality is that a software developer who
can’t make money by selling his products is a poor programmer living
on the street. So even if I do make Linux versions of my games
available they’ll use a standard commercial business mottle as that
happens to be the one that works in most cases. The more I earn on the
sales from my games the more money I have to invest in sounds, music,
acting, license libraries like
FMOD for Linux, whatever.


On 7/11/10, Petr Bláha<>  wrote:
Hello Thomas,
thank you for your describtion,
now everything is clear for me and i have to agree with you that i would
rather purchase game which is compiled directly for linux than emulation
of the windows one.
I also agree that the way of all the software for free is absolutely
unreal. And my opinion is that developement of good and useful software
should be payed. Also programmers have to live. And unfortunately -
money is quite important thing for living nowadays (smiles).
Off course, there is way how to earn money and have the software free.
Adwertisement. But to be honest, i have to say that i would rather pay
for software, than use software full of advertisement.
So i will pay for software which i consider to be good and usefull for
me even if it would be game.
When i use piece of software often and when it makes important job for
me, or when it brings me entertainment, i don't regred money which i
have pay for it.
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