Hi Thomas,

I am not positive that my games need to go into the program files x86 folder.  
And I am not sure why they did.  But that did explain why people were 
installing my games and finding nothing but the game of life.

But yes, I plan to put that bit of help up on my site.


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Hi Jim,
Ah...Thanks for sharing this. Now, I see what is the problem. Looks to
me like a simple installation problem since all your games default to
Program Files when on Windows 7 64bit they need to go to Program files
X86 if they are a 32bit application. The average user probably isn't
aware of this and you might want to put that message somewhere on your
website just in case some gamers aren't aware of this change.


On 7/12/10, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
Hi Josh,

You know, I am still running Windows XP, so really can not help you with
Windows 7 64 bit.  But here is one message that I got from another blind
gamers list.

 Hello all, I just found out something I hope will help you Sherry,  ok you
no how in windows 7 we have to program file folders? One is just called
program files, and the other is called program files x86, well  here is what
happen to me. I  installed the winkit program and it went into  just the
program files x86 folder. And when I installed the games they went into  the
folder. Called just program files. So  fined out witch one is the winkit one
and go to witch of the program folders the computer put the games in and
copy and past them into the winkit one it works.

Like I found out winkit was in the program files x86 so I went to just
program files and  copyed the games from kitchen inc and put them in program
files x86 kitchen inc and then I removed the one  in program files. Just
deleatted the folder.

Make sure you are in admenastrater

 Hope that helps.




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