Hi Jim,
No, Apple's Bootcamp software doesn't work that way. Windows 7 is not
being emulated on his Mac. What Bootcamp basically does is allow a Mac
user to resize his/her hard drive to make Mac OS X run side by side
with Windows. The user then installs Windows 7 etc on that free
partition and then is allowed to select Windows 7 or Mac OS when the
computer starts. That way Windows 7 essentually runs as though it was
on a standard PC because it is not being virtualized.
For example, I have a similar setup on my Compaq notebook with Windows
7 32bit and Ubuntu Linux 10. I installed Windows 7 to the hard drive,
and then resized the main partition to roughly half the size of the
drive, created free space for another operating system, and then
installed Ubuntu Linux 10 to that free partition on my hard drive
using its own file system etc. Since Linux comes with a boot manager,
Grub, I installed that to the master boot record so now when I push
the power button to start my laptop I get a menu with an option to
start Windows 7 or Ubuntu 10. Neither operating system is emulated or
virtualized, and are physically installed to the machine natively just
using separate partitions of the hard drive. Mac's Bootcamp works
basically the same way.
Now, what Window 7's XP mode is basically Windows XP being run in
Virtual PC. It is slow, sluggish, memory intensive, etc. It really
doesn't work very well at all because it is being

On 7/14/10, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
> Hi Josh,
> So does that mean that you are trying to get my games to run on a Mac that
> is emulating Windows 7 64 bit?
> Maybe that is the problem.  Maybe the files from WinKit are not getting
> installed like they would on a real PC running real Windows 7.  Or that they
> are not able to be used correctly in the emulator.

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