Hi Thomas,

Oh, it is sapi 5.4 with Windows 7.  Didn't know that.  Thanks.

That is cool that you have gotten my games set to use AT&T Crystal.  May I ask, 
did you do that by setting Crystal as your computer's default voice?

And thanks for letting me know that the AT&T voices do work in Windows 7.


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Hi Jim,
Actually, Windows 7 comes with Sapi 5.4. Sapi 5.4 is technically
backward compatible with Sapi 5.1 as it is basically just a newer
version of the Sapi 5 library. Anna, though, was specifically compiled
using Sapi 5.3 or later so won't run on XP.
As for the AT&T voices those work fine on Windows 7. In fact, I just
got your games setup using AT&T Crystal. So I can say for certain
those work. the only problem is the Scansoft voices.
As for the Scansoft voices those are not locked to Window-eyes. these
are the Real Speak Solo voices that ship with Openbook 8, and are
standard Sapi 5 voices not the Real Speak Direct voices with Jaws 10
and later.I don't have the Real Speak Direct voices, because they
don't work with Window-eyes at all.
However, setting something like tom as the default voice and seeing if
your games work  with it should be worth a try. I know the voices work
with Win-Eyes and some other apps but crashes your games. So I'll do
more testing and let you know.



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