Hi Jim,
No, I just used the standard yes/no prompt until Crystal came up and
asked me if I wanted to use that voice. It crashes only when it tries
to use Scansoft Tom, Daniel, Karen, or some of the other Real Speak
Solo voices that comes with Openbook 8 or Jaws 9. As I said those
voices were true Sapi voices and should work, but aren't working for
some reason. However, back when I was still using Vista I didn't have
this issue. I'm suspecting the trouble isn't with your games but the
Real Speak Solo voices themselves. They work alright with Window-Eyes
and Text Aloud but not some of the games. I just tried them with Time
of Conflict and got the same problem. I'm not sure if it is my install
or some weird compatibility issue with those voices and Sapi 5.4.
However, I thought you might like to know what voices I have tried and
know work for certain with Windows 7 and your games.

AT&T Crystal
AT&T Mike
AT&T Lorn
Cepstral Callie
Microsoft Anna

These are currently the voices I have installed and I have tested with
your games. I would assume since Cepstral Callie for Windows works
that any of the Cepstral voices that also use the Swift 5.0 engine
from Cepstral would equally work well with your games. Same goes for
the AT&T voices that all use the same engine as Crystal and Mike. If
Crystal and Mike work it goes without saying all the other voices
should work too as they all use the same engine. I recently have
purchased a couple of the Cereproc voices, but haven't tested them
with your games yet. However, according to Cereproc they are suppose
to be Windows 7 compatible so I would assume they are. If you need me
to I have Cereproc Sarah and William to try with your games.


On 7/16/10, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Oh, it is sapi 5.4 with Windows 7.  Didn't know that.  Thanks.
> That is cool that you have gotten my games set to use AT&T Crystal.  May I
> ask, did you do that by setting Crystal as your computer's default voice?
> And thanks for letting me know that the AT&T voices do work in Windows 7.
> TGIF and BFN

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