Hi Thomas,

This is a good idea, but I think that the figures I would get from these lists would be a bit too general unless therea re specific lists for Mac and Linux audio games. Instead, what I think I might do is to post a survey on the Blastbay website and of course on this list and a bunch of other distribution channels, asking straight out whether people would purchase either BGT or say Q9 if it were available for Mac or Linux. Now, considering that I would have to purchase a Mac myself in order to even begin a port, I would have to get a strong interest; at least 250 or 300 potential customers for each platform if I am to take on such an endeavour.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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Hi Philip,
I have a thought on this. Have you ever signed up to say the Mac
Visionaries mailing list or one of the VI Linux related mailing lists?
The reason I ask is you could talk to the list moderators to get a
number of list members for each of those lists and compile a general
idea of how many blind Linux and blind Mac users are out there. That
could determine if porting BGT to Mac or Linux is financially
worthwhile for you.


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Hi Travis,

It is certainly something that I will do, as soon as I can verify that the
demand for a Mac OSX or Linux version is as high as the demand for Windows
or marginally close to it. When this is the case, I shall certainly make
ports to both of these operating systems but until I can be certain that
there is a large enough market, I'll have to hold off on it. When the time
comes, however, I would indeed be most greatful for any help with the Mac

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall

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