Hi Thomas and all.

One thing I might add is that programmers use what they are comfortable with. Things like portability and a usable sintax will influence the decision, but in theory any language can be run on any platform.

Cobol is an old language with a very readable sintax. It uses english words, which complecate explaining things to the computer. Few people not in businesses with mainframes learn it these days, because of alternatives like java, c++ and python, which improved on the mistakes made by people a few decades ago.

For games, it makes no sense programming a big game in cobol, because no sound api or functions to use the necisary devices exist.

As for languages outputting text, aside from the format it is stored in, some just have more functionality. All it basically does is process data and instead of printing it to the screen, like (you are now using 80% of your capacity) it might just create an entry in a database. Many companies have swiched over to java, because it gives about the same amount of functionality. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Thomas Ward" <thomasward1...@gmail.com>
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Hi Hayden,
Well, it is a bit off topic but I'll answer the question just to
clarify my earlier statements anyway. I'm not exactly the best person
to ask about that since I'm not really a Cobol programmer myself, but
essentially Cobol has been used for various things such as developing
programs to handle sales reports and things like that. Government
agencies use Cobol based programs to keep track of tax reports etc.
You are right that Cobol doesn't create text documents, but instead
stores the reports in a binary file that are saved on the mainframe or
server. When it comes down to creating business reports Cobol is still
the leader in that field, and the language itself is undergoing a
major upgrade this year. So Cobol isn't exactly dead, and apparently
still has a future in some aspect, but the younger generation of
programmers like myself aren't being taught Cobol as an essential part
of our programming training these days.


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