Well, as I say unless you here it from me it isn't official.  I always
will make a public announcement regarding a new release of something,
and not just to let people know it is out there for download.
for one thing if there is any special setup instructions required such
as installing SFML for Linux, for example, I'd certainly make a note
of it in my announcement so people know to do that. Not only that
where and how to get it for your version of Linux.
Plus I'm working on experimental joystick support using SFML. I might
want to let people try it out on their  joysticks to see if it works
properly. It isn't enabled in the version people are passing around,
but assuming I get it working before the official public release I'd
like to make an official announcement to the effect joystick support
is now enabled and to get some special testing/feedback on that
 The point I'm getting at if someone just rushes off to my public
download area, grabs the file before the announcement,  etc they are
bound to miss some information that could prove important. What if,
for example, instead of including SFML in the setup file I had someone
   install that separately, and the person didn't know that?
Well, I would get flooded by bug reports that the game wasn't working
because he or she didn't install that extra component I would have
told them to in my announcement. Being impatient and going off
half-cocked like that never pays in the long run.


On 10/2/10, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well I thought it was a bit weird for a version to appear with out
> any notification.
> I thought you had forgotten why I don't know because you are usually
> good with this sort of thing.

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