Hi Karl,
As I have said in an earlier post I'm now using OpenAL for audio
output and the way it handles audio is completely different from
something like Microsoft DirectSound. OpenAL does not have a simple
stereo pan control there for sounds have to be positioned using its 3d
listener interface. I really don't have a problem with the way it
handles audio, but apparently a lot of people are having the same
complaint as you do that it doesn't sound right, doesn't pan correct,
The thing is besides the fact I'm trying to work on a completely
cross-platform engine that will run on Mac, Linux, and Windows I
decided to go with OpenAL because DirectSound is deprecated/no longer
officially supported by Microsoft. Microsoft's new audio library
XAudio2 is like OpenAL in that it has a 3d audio interface, but no
stereo pan control. So I figure no matter what I use we are still
going to encounter this issue unless I go back to directSound or
invest in FMOD which does have a pan control as well.
So I'm at a complete loss as to an answer. I'd like to do something
about this issue, but I don't know anything i can do to help. The only
solution, which sucks, is to ditch the OpenG3D engine and go back to
the Windows specific Genesis Engine. Since my wife and I both have
converted to Linux going back to Windows to create and play games
would be disappointing in the extreme.
As for the issue with the enter key it is just the way SFMl handles
input. It is using events not direct input. That means you can't press
x number of keys at once and expect all those actions to be carried
out at once. At least I don't think so. Instead SFML tends to handle
keyboard events in the order they are recieved in rather than all at
once like DirectInput. I'm going to have to ask the SFML dev list or
the developer himself if anyone can give me helpful suggestions on
improving the keyboard input handling as I've gotten this complaint at
least three or four times today alone, and I don't honestly know of a
solution at this time. However, I'll definitely keep looking for one.


On 10/4/10, Karl Belanger <karl.belan...@comcast.net> wrote:
> The first thing I notice about the new beta even in the first room is the
> way sounds pan. Is there anything at all you can do about the sound panning
> directly from far right, to center when you are in front of the object, to
> far left one step later? One thing I and I suspect many gamers use to deal
> with obstacles is the sound position relative to the center, especially for
> things like the fire, chasms and spikes. The way it is now, a warning
> message becomes essential. Another issue is with the keyboard response. Now,
> the keyboard has a slight delay after the first step when you hold an arrow
> to run. I realize this is due to the keyboard repeat rate but it would be
> nice to not have this. One other issue with the keyboard is that it is now
> not possible to run through a room without a torch and press enter every few
> steps to check for items. When you press enter, you stop running.
> Karl

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