Hi Petr,
Well, emulating Windows games under Linux is pretty much a hit or miss
thing. There is an awesome commercial game emulator for Linux created
by Transgaming called Cedega which supports a number of the leading
games for Windows. They have a sistercommercial emulator for Mac
called Cider. While Cedega and Cider are highly recommended products
for serious Linux and Mac gamers they can't run everything. As it so
happens most accessible games fall into that catagory.
You see the problem is that a game emulator like Cedega attempts to
emulate the Win32 API and DirectX, but it has no emulation for the
Visual Basic 6 runtime environment or Sapi 5. So You couldn't just
take one of Jim Kitchens Sapi text to speech games and run it because
there is no emulation for Visual Basic programs let alone Sapi itself.
So we definitely couldn't use Cedega for emulation.
Well, that leaves us with wine. It is possibl to get Visual Basic 6
programs to run using Wine, but it is a major undertaking to get
working. In order to get a game like Jim's games to work under Linux
you have to install the official Microsoft Win32 API libraries by
copying them from
and installing them in the Wine System 32 directory and registering them.
Next you have to install the Visual Basic 6 runtime which Orca can't
read the setup for because it doesn't support ATK and the various
other Linux accessibility libraries.
After that you need to install Microsoft DirectX 9 which again will
require sighted asistance because Orca can't read the setup under
After that you would want to head over to Jim Kitchen's website and
download and install Sapi 5.1 full install for Windows 2000/XP which
again needs more sighted asistance.
Assuming all that went well and all of it works you could now install
Jim Kitchen's games and hopefully they will work under Wine.
Unfortunately running Windows applications under Wine usually isn't
that great. I did get one game running under Wine a while back, but
after doing all the grunt work of getting everything installed and
working the games ran really slow and crashed a lot. So Wine is still
not a perfect solution for Linux gamers wanting to play Shades of
Doom, Tank Commander, or anything else like that.
Finally, as for recompiling Visual Basic software on Linux you can
forget it. Visual Basic is 100% a Microsoft only language and
technology. Proprietary to the max. The Mono Project has cloned their
C# .Net language, and Microsoft has been fighting the open source
community ever since all the while screaming that creating a
cross-platform .Net Framework and IDE somehow violates their
copyrights.  So its no wonder nobody wants to come up with an open
source Visual Basic compiler and runtime environment for Linux and
Mac. Besides there are plenty of better solutions such as Java,
Python, Ruby, etc that don't require fighting Microsoft over. Most
people serious about writing Linux and Mac software tell Microsoft to
take their proprietary software, programming languages, and stick it
where the sun don't shine.


On 10/5/10, Petr Bláha <hammet...@seznam.cz> wrote:
> Hi Thomas, yeah, thats fact which i forgot -that lot of games for the
> blind are based on VB6. What about any possibility of compiling them? If
> you have source code you can compile your game as you wish - can't you.
> To be honest i have to say that im not a programmer, i have quite good
> knowledge of hardware, but programming etc, it is area i am not too
> familiar with.
> Or maybee another solution except compiling could be possible - maybee,
> what about to create some kind of emulator - like the vine is?
> My idea is based on theory that when there are mostly no graphics in the
> games for the blind, it would be much more easy to develop the emulator
> for them, or maybee create some scripts for existing emulator - i mean
> wine off course.
> Yesterday i was talking with the friend of mine, and he told me that his
> coleague run most of windows games (not games for the blind), cause he
> wrote a bunch of script where he told which libraries may or may not be
> used and it worked.
> Sorry for this, but i just want to find any solution, that's the reason
> why i am still thinking about it.

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