Hi Nicol,
First, I'm glad installing the latest C++ runtime files fixed your
problem. I had hoped I removed all references to the Microsoft
specific libs in the Windos release, but apparently there are still
some dependencies my engine must need to run on Windows XP, Vista, and
Windows 7.
As for the strange problem with the speaker test not being panned to
the left or right definitely sounds like a sound card issue of some
kind. I've played MOTA beta 14 on at least three computers for testing
and the speaker test definitely works properly here, and I know it
works for others as well. So I guess the problem we have to solve is
why it isn't properly playing back that file on your computer.
To begin with I don't think you absolutely have to have a 5.1 or 7.1
compatible sound card for this game since I haven't actually used any
advanced 3d rendering that requires 5.1 surround sound support.
However, it would be hard for me to test that since all of my
computers have decent sound cards in them, and even the cheap Sound
Max AC-97 sound card that came with my desktop computer had 5.1
surround sound support. So I'm guessing if your computer was made any
time in the past five years you probably have some minimal 5.1
surround sound support on the sound card's chipset, but maybe not the
speakers/headphons you are using with it.
In any case any stereo headphones or sound card should work for the
speaker test since it is just a simple stereo file with the sounds
panned and saved using Goldwave. In other words you should be able to
open the game's speech directory and play the file Test_Speakers.wav
with any program that can play sounds Goldwave, Sound Forge, Windows
Media player, etc and it should play the sounds in the left and right
speakers. If that doesn't happen on your laptop then you may need to
go into the Windows control panel and figure out if your sound card
and speakers are configured properly.
Also does it make a difference if you are using headphones or
speakers. There are separate settings in the control panel for each of
these and I'm wondering if something is off in your sound card
settings. Sounds should definitely pan some and not be absolutely
static on your computer.
As for DirectX no we definitely do not use DirectX at all in beta 14.
The new game engine uses cross-platform alternatives like sfml-audio
instead of DirectSound, sfml-window instead of the win32 API, etc.
Most of the Microsoft specific libraries are not used as of beta 14.


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