Hi Charles,
Not without a bunch of extra rewriting. Anything is possible if I want
to take the time to randomly speak messages or have an on/off switch
whatever. It is one thing just to search for x number of lines and
delete them. it It is quite another to first delete them and then
rewrite them complete with if statements that tells the game to do
this if this happens or to do that if that happens etc. Its not hard
work, but time consuming work.
One way to look at this is I could go ahead and remove them now, but
some day down the road when the game is stable, there isn't a lot to
do, I can take a day or two and put them back in properly so you can
turn them on/off or they will play only once and a while. I agree they
do add character, but the current way they were included isn't the
best way I could have done it. Especially, if I'd like the option to
just turn them off if I get tired of them.

On 10/11/10, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> If being able to turn them on or off, or having them in the training mode
> only, would cause you to have to do a lot of time consuming rewriting, and
> if the newly incorporated sound clues work reliably, then I would say to do
> away with them, even though a character who speaks throughout the game does
> add character.  Is there a way to randomly have Angela say something like
> "Here comes trouble!", or "Oh, no!" when an attack begins, and have the
> crumbling ledge at the edge of a pit as a warning all the time?  That way,
> you won't rely on her voice, but it is there once in a while, as if she's
> sort of thinking out loud, which might be a natural reaction to an attack?
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