Hi Karl,
Well, if it was just the keyboard input problem I'd probably just
leave it well enough alone. However, as it happens we do have more
serious issues like the game crashing on exit on Windows systems, but
not on Linux. As I have tried figuring out a solution for this I don't
know I can fix it using the current game engine. I do know that the
Windows engine, beta 13 used, worked pretty well all things
So if I do create a Windos specific version and a linux specific
version it wouldn't necessarily be a major rewrite. It would simply
require updating the Windows engine to use some extra
functions/features I added to the cross-platform engine and recompile
it. Of course, the Windows code for the game would need to be updated
too, and that could be probably done in two/three days. Inside of a
couple of weeks of work I could basically have two different builds of
the game each using native game APIs for the intended platform. This
is possible because the Genesis Engine is very object oriented  in
that all of the real work is done using internal classes.
In short, what I am saying is that the functions etc MOTA uses are all
generic classes and functions built into the engine itself. If you
tell it something like
g_audio.SoundPlay (PLAYER_PUNCH, false);
it doesn't really matter if the engine is using DirectSound, XAudio2,
or OpenAL because the audio class provides a high-level interface to
whatever sound API is being used by the engine. That generic/object
oriented interface therefore allows me to port code rapidly between
platforms and even APIs if I write the code right. Make sense?


On 10/14/10, Karl Belanger <karl.belan...@comcast.net> wrote:
> Please don't do that. We've been waiting long enough for this game, and
> you've put more than enough blood sweat and tears into this, and I'd hate to
> see it delayed further. I don't mind the keyboard behavior, and the borders
> and site fix the sound issues. I think why people are complaining about
> various things is that they do not realize that different libraries means
> different behavior, and when they encounter this different behavior in game
> they think it's a bug. I think if you simply put something like "The SFML
> Libraries do not allow as many simultaneous key presses as DirectX did,
> meaning it is not possible to run and pick up items." Would have made people
> aware that this is, in fact not a bug, but just a different way of doing
> things.
> Again, please do not do yet another rewrite of things, causing more delays,
> just to make a few people happy.
> Karl
> Karl

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