I must admit I appreciate audio games with graphics, sinse I can play them much as I do most everything else in my life, with a combination of things.

thus far though, while some games such as the gma engine, time of conflict and sound rts have minimal, reference type graphics, these are not even up to nes standard, ---- though as these are intended as audio games anyway and the graphics are merely an extra add on I don't particularly mind, nor do i expect full and complete graphics.

the only audio games I know with total graphics support are those from code factory, which use cartoony type graphics and highlighted menues, and of course Terraformers, which imho does the best job of audio graphical fusion (there's a mention of my remarks on this on their web page).

but graphics programmming is it's own artform, requires as much, if not more work than audio sound design, and probably increases developement time and trouble of any game by a factor of ten!

I'm not saying that it's impossible for an audio game to have useable graphics, obviously terraformers proved the point, only that it would take a huge amount of extra work.

Pluss of course, I actually think some audio games get a lot out of being just audio, such as the atmospherics in shades of doom, or the exploration aspect of packman. I actually find audio packman far more fun to play than graphical packman, sinse rather than seeing the hole maze and running around it, you only get to know the part of the maze immediately around you, and must use memory and logic as well as quick reflexes.

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