Hello Tom.

while I certainly see the logic in what your doing, i can't help feel mildly disappointed.

I understand that for people using lynux, a version of the game which can be played on their systems without need to use an emulator is an extremely good thing, and that this developement necessitates a great deal of work on your part due to incompatibility betwene the background libraries available for the two operating systems.

however, having been present on the audeasy list through all the developemental phases of mota and the genesis engine, I can't help but feel this rewriting process has been somewhat circular, and in some ways detracts from the developement of what I personally, ---- admittedly in my selfish position as a person who uses windows for convenience, see as the important thing, ie, having an interesting and ground breaking audio game to play, ---- and indeed an engine promising more games in the future.

I may be wrong, but i do seem to remember you originally writing using direct X, then changing your mind to include cross platform support. This, ----- as I said, i can see as logical given that there are audio game players using lynux..

There then followed a period when you seemed to go through a number of rewrites both of mota and of the genesis engine generally.

Once however you'd settled on things and were in the process of writing up more game content and the 3D version of the game, I was hopeful that this had come to an end and finally! i'd be able to get a look at the deeper levels of the tomb and see what else Athena had in store.

Now however, you state that you are rewriting the windows engine to use direct X, and then writing a separate lynux engine.

this is not intended to be rude or in any way be a personal attack, however, ---- to put it bluntly, I wish youd just finish the game!

While I understand more people are using lynux, I wonder if, from a utilitarian perspective, spending this amount of time and trouble on a lynux port was actually worth it, ---- appologies to lynux users, but given limited time and resources, and given the amount of trouble the lynux port seems to have caused, I do find myself wondering if this is actually such a good idea afterall, indeed I seem to remember Tom's customer survey suggesting that only a minority of people were concerned with lynux compatibility.

I am sorry to Tom,and to those people such as peter who use lynux, this is in no way intended as an attack or an insult.

As it stands, obviously because of the blue screen bug, you will need to return to direct X for the windows port, which is unavoidable, but I do find myself wondering if the second rewrite with specifically lynux components is as necessary a matter if it is going to slow down developement even further.

As I said, I'm really! wanting just to play the game.

Sorry if this came across as rude.

all the best,


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