The Linux shell environment isn't that difficult really. A book on
bash shell commands would go a long way to explaining it. In fact I
prefer the Linux terminal window over the Windows command prompt
because it has features such as automatic completion, the ability to
redo last command, etc.What people find daunting about it is that it
follows the common Unix shell commands.

cd --- Change directory.
mkdir --- Create new directory.
mv --- Move directory.
ls --- list contents of directory.
rm --- Remove directories and files.
cp --- Copy file or directory.

You get the idea. Most people who grew up on Dos or use Windows find
those shell commands unusual and downright strange. Thing is those
commands existed before Dos or Windows ever existed. However, like
everything else, once Microsoft came along they decided to do
everything their own way, and of course everyone went along with it.
Now,  people who used Dos or the Windows command prompt find Linux,
which uses time honored Unix shell commands, is weird or unusual.

All the same Bash is also customizable too.  If you open .bashrc you
can remap those commands to anything you want. You can add an entry
alias copy='cp -r'
so you can type copy and it will execute the cp command. I often use
this ability to customize bash to create a single command that
executes a long command. For example,
alias install='sudo apt-get install'
simplifies the apt-get install command to something very simple and
quick to use. So Definitely the Linux terminal window is far more
powerful than the Windows command prompt by a long shot.


On 11/3/10, Hayden Presley <hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> After reading your (novella? <Grin>) I went to Blind Cool Tech to se what
> there was on Linux there. Interesting OS, except for the terminal;  that
> definitely looks...daunting. I'll stop now.
> Best Regards,
> Hayden

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