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Okay, but after this we really really need to get back on topic. This
is way off topic. Smile.

The name Bash is an achronim for Born Again Shell. Unlike Dos that has
a single user interface, a common shell  environment you might say,
different brands of Unix like BSD, Solaris, Sco, etc all developed
their own shell environments independantly like the Born shell, Ash,
Corn shell, and a few others I can't remember. To make a long story
short when Linux came along the open source community decided to
create a free and open source shell environment similar to the Born
shell and called it the Born Again Shell or Bash for short. Over time
Bash pretty much became the open source and Unix standard, and is by
far the most popular shell environment on the market. Not only is it
the default for every Linux operating system out there Mac OSX uses
Bash as its shell environment too.

As for the term shell it means exactly that. A shell is simply a basic
input output system for the operating system that allows you to
interact with the OS by using simple instructions like cd to change
directory or del to delete a file. It is called a shell because it
provides a low-level shell that everything else including the
graphical user interface is built upon.

Even in an operating system like Windows 7 the Windows shell is still
there. It is just buried under so much graphical stuff the average
person doesn't know it is there. However, if you boot Windows and
bring up the Windos 7 boot menu you'll see an option to boot to
command prompt mode. This is basicly a new name for MS Dos mode. As
much as Microsoft tries to hide it the Windows shell is still there
and if you know how to get to it Windows XP, Windos Vista, and Windows
7 still have a low-level shell similar to MS Dos that everything is
just built on. Linux isn't that much different, but unlike Microsoft
they don't try to bury the shell under lots of graphical user
interfaces and act like it isn't there.


On 11/4/10, Hayden Presley <hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Just one more thing...where does "shell" and "bash" come from?
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