Hey Dark,

Thanks for the tip about there being a version of Frotz with a screen
reader built in. I was pretty tired last night, so I didn't tackle the big
Linux install. Instead I downloaded Winfrotz TTS and started playing Mite,
one of the interactive fiction works from the two thousand and ten

Wow. It certainly opened my ears.

I have a few questions about it all.

One. Does anyone use winfrotz TTS, or is it better to use a more recent
version of frotz with your own screen reader software? Do the added
built-in features help? For example, pressing space to cancel a reading.

Two. Some sections of text being read just jumble together. Is that a
normal experience using a screen reader? Or, is it something in the
winfrotz reader?

Three. I realise now how annoying extra symbols are. In the game, it came
across a line made up of about forty underlines and it just went "under
line under line under line under line". Is there something you can do to
avoid those kind of situations, or is it something you just put up with,
and hope that authors do it as little as possible?

Four. Every time the command line prompt came up, the screen reader said
"greater than fork in the path moves two". Effectively, it was reading the
prompt as greater than, and the status line which said the location, "fork
in the path", followed by the number of moves I had made, "moves two".
Similar to the last question, is there a way around this? Also, when the
command prompt comes up, would you rather it be coded to say something
like "Your turn", or "ready"? Or can you make a rule for it in your screen

I hope that's not too many questions to fire off.



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