Hi Michael.

The example of doss games is a good one actually, sinse while I never actually ran any games under dos, I have become a fan of games like Eamon, fallthru and braminer played in console windows (which stil run under xp).

In those cases, turns aren't actually read aloud at all and it's necessary to read the screen manually, but equally, in a game like eamon there are far fewer possible actions so the actual playing of the game is faster.

I personally also do enjoy the exploration aspects of rpgs and gamebooks slightly more than If, sinse progress in such games is easier and it's more possible to follow the flow and thread of a story and exploration of an area.

in most If I've tried, I tend to end up getting stuck by a random puzle who's solution is something deeply unguessable and obscure, or which gets stuck in the parza somewhere.

For instance, I wanted to review Malinche's commercial If games for audiogames.net, so I tried their free prequal.

I get to the end of a ruined castle Hall and see a fire place. Examining it, I find it to be large enough to crawl into. so north "you can't go that way"

Look in fireplace "you see something glinting"
Enter fireplace "that's not something you can enter"
Down "you cannot go that way"
get all fireplace "that doesn't hold anything"

As it turned out (after asking the developer), the right command was in, ---- for goodness sake In! with no reference to the blasted fireplace at all!

It seems that in the majority of games I've played I get to this kind of point. Certainly not all, but more than less, ---- even so called Easy games such as Glowgrass (which I was once advised as an introductory game), I found I ran into a blockade and stopped.

it might be that I came to If comparatively late as I started in the year 2000 and missed the tradition of riddling and puzle solving that went with it.

I have played some fantastic games, for instance Pythos mask by emily short, Paul obrian's stuff or Worlds appart, but I've largely now stopped playing most If sinse I find I inevitably come up stuck.

So, these days I prefer to look for exploration style games with a more symple system of advancement such as fallthru.

oh heck, this rather turned into more of a wrant than I intended. Actually Neophyte, if you can offer some advice I would indeed appreciate it.

Beware the Grue!


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