You can get towers of war from http://www.kaldobsky.com/audiogames/towersofwarbeta.zip (I believe when I posted the original link the folder was stil called tower defense, so that might be why it's now not working).

For details on the game see http://forum.audiogames.net/viewtopic.php?id=4327 (including a list of keyboard short cuts).

To answer everyone's questions, this is indeed an audio stratogy game based on a genre of mainstream stratogy games popular on pc's and Iphones and such (look up tower defense games on wikipedia for details).

Basically, you have a 10 x10 audio grid ala time of conflict or similar. There are land tiles (two types), which you can build on, and water tyles which you can't. A path runs across the map (use shift E or e for description).

When ready ie, when you press spacebar and enter, a bunch of monsters will start walking across the path. For every monster that makes it to the end, you lose a life.

To fight the monsters, you can buy towers and place them on squares (press ctrl on a square then use the tab key), which do various types of damage in a circular area around the tower. The towers can then be upgraded to do more damage, have a wider range, or fire more times per minute.

The catch is,you only have a limited amount of money, so need to spend wisely, ---- for instance putting towers where they can reach multiple areas of the path (B7 to E7 are great places on the first map for instance).

When you've placed your towers, hit spacebar to start the monster attack, (you'll be told what sort of monsters are in the next level and their stats, then be asked to press enter to confirm).

What your towers fire (you can hit B on each tower to see what it's doing, but also moving around the grid will give you audio feedback), then if you make it through, start using the gold you got from that bunch of monsters to upgrade your towers or build more in preparation for the next wave.

As I said, check the posts, sinse lots of stuff gets added literally every day (I've never seen a game be developed this fast), for instance most recently for instance the appocalypse mode, which substitutes the normal 20 levels of monsters for wave after wave of zombies increasing in difficulty.

I hope this gives people a better idea of the game.

I'd deffinately recommend it, it's really quite addictive, and surprisingly fun, not to mention more complex than it looks at first.

Beware the grue!


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