Hi Jim
I'm posting to the list so that others who play your concentration game can
comment if they wish.
I enjoy your concentration game a lot.
In fact, I think that your concentration game is better than Ian Humphreys'
brainiac game because your concentration game has a guess the number game
included and the pairs of items in your game is much more exciting.
I wish to give you some feedback.
1.  Yesterday evening I was playing your concentration game.
I got stuck in the game.
I couldn't finish the game.
I had to exit with the escape key.
I didn't manage to collect any prizes as I couldn't guess any of the numbers
between 1 and 100.
But I was stuck in the game.
I managed to match all the pairs of prizes.
There was no prizes left to match.
I pressed the different grid locations from a1 to e8 but each time the game
informs me that its an invalid space.
Is this a bug maybe?
After matching all the prizes, isn't the game supposed to end announcing the
person with the most correct matches as the  winner?
 I pressed a1 through e8 many times  but each time I was informed that its
an invalid space.
IN other words, the game did not end after I managed to match all the pairs
of prizes. Its  Nothing major, I just thought of informing you in case it's
a bug.
2.  In ian's brainiac, the player move with the arrow keys around the grid,
pressing enter on an item to match a pair of items.
Is it possible to add this feature in your game?
It will make it a  bit easier if I can move with my arrow keys to an item
instead of pressing a letter and number each time.
Again, its nothing major.
Just a suggestion.
3.  If I accidentally press an invalid letter or number, the game tells me
to press any  key to continue.
If you are unable to add the  feature to move with the arrow keys in the
grid, is it possible for you to remove the prompt to press any key to
continue? In other words, if the player press an  invalid letter or number
accidentally, is it possible for the game to just immediately again  prompt
for the first or  second  letter and number combination?
   Thanks once again for concentration, I enjoy it a lot.

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