Hi Tom
Thanks for the explanation.
Yeah, I do know a little bit about variables from what I read in a jaws
scripting tutorial.
In a jaws script, if you want to declare variables you would start with the
word var on its own line at the beginning of a script.
Then for  an integer variable you would write the letters int and  a space
and then give any word as a  name for the variable, as long as it  starts
with the word int.
For example 
Int column
For a text string variable  you would write for example:
str box
If you are specifying more than 1 variable, each variable except the last
one, must have a comma at the end.
then to declare a variable you would write for instance:
let column = 1
let box = "hello world"
then to use the say string or type string  function, instead of writing the
strings in quotes you can just put for example:
saystring box ()  
Does it also  work like that in game programming? 

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Hi Nicol,

Okay? Well, I can say right off that creating Algebra formulas is a
key part of programming. A formula like
p = 2l+2w
would calculate the perimitor of a square or rectangle. For example,
if we are getting into graphics programming an indepth knowledge of
basic geometry is essentual in order to render the graphics on screen
properly using those formulas.

Anyway, another key concept that carries over is variables which was
definitely covered in my Algebra class. In the formula
p = 2l+2w
the letters p, l, and w are variables because we don't know what
numbers/values they contain yet. They are just substitutions or place
holders so to speak. Now, if we assume l is 10 and w is 5 we now get a
rectangle 10 units long by 5 units wide. We can now do the formula by
calculating 2 times l plus 2 times w. After we work the formula we
find out that p, the perimitor,  is 30.

The point I want to get at here is that in any type of programming we
use variables to hold values of a keyboard command, numbers, strings,
whatever until they are needed. If we don't know what a certain value
is we can work a formula to find that out. Understanding variables,
therefore, is critical to even beginning to think about programming,
because variables are used to store information until it is needed by
the program, or use to substitute a value that we don't know yet.
That's why I'm saying that at least high school Algebra is pretty much
essential to beginning programming.

When it comes to game programming it is more so. You have all kinds of
formulas such as how to calculate the distance an object has traveled
in a certain amount of time, calculating where the objects next
location on the grid is, etc. There are hundreds of calculations that
goes into any complex game and it requires some kind of familiarity
with those concepts before beginning.

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