Neo said that :

*"Accessibility is something that has to be considered right at the beginning of a 
game's development in order for it to be fully implemented. And, yes, you're right 
sometimes it comes down to money."*

I have to agree with that statement completely. It costs 7-128 Software about 20% more time and effort to put in the accessibility features we use in our games. You have to want to do this - not just react to a few people asking for it - because it costs us more to produce our games than it would without accessibility features included.

What we need to do is to help game companies realize that it can be profitable to add accessibility features to their games.

This means to:
1. Prove that the number of possible consumers is enough to make it profitable.

2. Show that many of the accessibility features improve game-play for all gamers.

3. Show that *folks will buy their games* if they put in the accessibility features to make it playable.

So far, we have not been successful in doing this. The IGDA accessibility SIG has tried to demonstrate this as have other organizations - but it is going to take a lot of effort (not merely complaining) to help game companies to realize this. And people have to buy the games.

Eleanor Robinson
7-128 Software

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