Hi all,

Thanks to all the discussion about accessible Star Wars games over the
last day or two I've decided to reconsider my position on releasing
some Star Wars projects I've had in mind for litterally years now. It
really has been something I have dreamed of doing as long as I can
remember, and I'm personally fed up with rediculous rules and
procedures that would bar me from persuing my own happiness and
enjoyment. For one thing despite what they say I don't really think
they would try and sue me over it as long as I kept the games as
freeware and specified that these were designed for VI gamers. After
all, it would likely cost them more to take it to court than they
could get out of me in a settlement/lawsuit. About the most they would
do if they found out about the games is get a judgment to have the
content/material removed from my website. That would be a pain in the
butt to be sure, but no biggy as I'm sure someone would slap it up on
Sendspace, Dropbox, etc the next day and share it anyway.

More importantly as I said earlier this has been a dream of mine. Ever
since I was old enough to watch television the first time I saw the
original Star Wars movie I became a serious fan of the movies, books,
toys, games , etc. Just ask my wife as I've got a large glass display
case in my living room filled with hundreds of Star Wars action
figures i've collected since i was three or four years old to the
present. In the mid 90's when the Star Wars PC games began coming out
like Dark Forces, Rebel Asalt, Jedi Knight, etc I purchased each and
everyone. Unfortunately, for me as the games were coming out I was
also really starting to lose my vision so the graphics were pretty
much just blobs of color on the screen.  I could play them, sort of,
but had to depend on cheat codes to help me as everything was fuzzy
and not very clear. All the same, I was very happy witht the games,
and played them constantly. once I lost my sight I was pretty
disappointed over the fact I owned all these cool games and couldn't
play them. While in college I decided I'd be a programmer and write my
own Star Wars games. Now, 12 years later I still really haven't done
it, because of copyrights and licensing. Both of which had originally
been created without any thought or planning for special cases such as
being barred from a certain product based on disability. So what to do
about it?

Well, the answer seams quite simply. I should do what my heart tells
me is right, and that is to follow my personal dreams. Go ahead and
take the plunge and just write the games I want to play regardless of
rules and regulations. After all, i have the means and  motive. to do
it. I shouldn't let that go because of some company's short-sighted

When it comes to the means I'm litterally the perfect developer to do
the job. For one thing I have personal experience with the games
themselves so have a pretty good idea of what the final product should
be like. I went to college, learned to program, and obviously have the
technical skills to create a full 3D FPS game similar to the
originals.  I've got the original media to work with. In fact, I still
own all the original software cds in my closet, and all I'd need to do
is grab the discs, unpack the gob files, and grab the sounds, music,
etc I'd need for the project. Finally, I just spent like two years
working on the Genesis Engine which was designed specifically for this
type of game. Since all that work is done I have the tools to do the
job at my disposal.

When it comes to motivation I have plenty of that as well. It was
precisely because of the FPS games of the 1990's Tomb Raider, Jedi
Knight, Doom, Quake, Soldier of Fortune, etc that got me into writing
accesible games in the first place. When I showed up on Audyssey
around 2000 or 2001 I looked around and was disappointed the only game
that was up to my previous standards was Shades of Doom. Everything
else was disappointing, and not at all what I had been hoping for.
Which brings me back to my point.

Back around 1998 my favorite Star Wars game was Mysteries of the Sith.
For one reason it was the first Star Wars game to feature Mara Jade as
a playable character, and I've always been a fan of her's since she
first showed up in Timithy Zon's book, "Heir to the Empire."  Not only
that it was a good game with decent graphics for the time, lots of
action, and it was fun.  I've pretty much decided that I should start
with Mysteries of the Sith as it is both my favorite SW title to date,
and would be a great introduction to the series for new VI gamers.
Later on I can probably produce other Jedi Knight titles or one of the
Rebel Asalt games.


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