Well, to be honest if you have never watched any of the six movies or
read any of the 60 odd books out there now you'd be missing a lot of
the history and background behind the characters. As far as that goes
I'd add in the games and comics too as they also offer history and
insight into the characters as well.

For example, the game I'm thinking of recreating in an accessible
format, Mysteries of the Sith, takes place just after the Jedi Academy
triligy in chronology. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has set up an
academy for Jedi students on Yaven IV  and in the game Kyle Katern one
of the new Jedi Knights has gone missing. Luke's friend and future
wife, Mara Jade, who happens to be Kyle's apprentice,  goes searching
for him. Throughout the course of the game Mara discovers Kyle has
been corrupted by the dark side. In the final battle the player,
playing Mara Jade, must decide to try and turn Kyle back to the light
side or kill Kyle.

Like many of Lucas Arts games the game has multiple endings depending
on which path Mara Jade takes in the game, and as far as the story
goes most Star Wars authors have picked the ending were Mara
successfully saves Kyle Katern from the dark side rather than being
turned herself. Which fits seeing as she overcomes her dark side past
in the book, "Last Command," by Timothy Zahn, and kicks C'bouth's butt
by running him through with a light saber. Yay!

On the other hand there is an advantage here in not having all the
history of the characters as you wouldn't be disappointed if some of
the characters in the game aren't strictly according to cannon. For
example, in Mysteries of the Sith the actress that plays Mara Jade in
the game is to bright and happy to be Mara. Mara, as her name implies,
is usually in a bad mood and is often bitter. At least in the earlier
books. She's all business and doesn't joke around. IN the game though
the Mara Jade we get is happy, smiling, and cracks jokes like "what a
mess" after she chops a probe droid apart with her light saber or guts
the rancor on level 7. Somehow that just doesn't square with the Mara
we read about in the books. Even in the later books like the New Jedi
Order and Legacy series, after she is married to Luke, she is usually
very serious and down to business. So one of my major criticisms of
Mysteries of the Sith is that Mara Jade's character is out of
character. That, however, wouldn't bother someone just coming to a
Star Wars game for the first time.


On 12/2/10, Shiny protector <muhamme...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> I never watched star wars, and I'd like to see a copy of star wars that
> which could be accessed by the blind!

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