Hi Bryan,

Yeah, I think the saber throw is one of Mara's signature moves in
terms of game play. She had that in Mysteries of the Sith as well and
Mara could really rack up the death count with that particular move.
Probably something Luke taught her after she joined the academy.

As for the force lightning, which is usually a dark side gift, I would
imagine that would fit her character profile. Remember who her first
master was, Emperor Palpatine, and I'm certain he would have given her
some training in using various dark side gifts. Just because she
eventually turned to the light side and no longer chooses to tap into
her dark side powers doesn't mean she has forgotten how to use them if
she wants to. A straight arrow like Luke would never think of tapping
into the dark side now and then, but given Mara's character and
background I think she would if she thought it was necessary. I think
that's why in all of the games Mara is in she has chain lightning as
one of her force powers.

As for how Luke and Mara ended up together that is explained in
Timothy Zahn's Hand of Thrawn series. Basically, Luke and Mara end up
together hunting for Grand Admiral Thrawn's clone and end up in a life
or death struggle trying to escape the base where Thrawn's clone is
being created. At the moment when things seam hopeless, they look like
they are going to die, Luke pops the question and Mara says yes. Kind
of one of those unplanned let's do it kind of things. Lol!

However, the actual wedding itself is in the comics not the books. I
believe it was the comic entitled the Unity or the Union or something
like that. At the end of the comic they have a big picture of Luke and
Mara getting married at the end. Therefore in the next big series of
novels, the New Jedi Order, we go from unmarried to married with no
wedding in between. I've often thought someone should put the comics
into a book just to fill in some of the gaps like that where part of
the history is in a comic book series and not in a novel.

On 12/2/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> It's amazing how she and Luke ended up considering how she spent most of
> Timothy Zahn's trilogy trying to find ways and opportunities to kill Luke.
> She was pretty cool to play as in Masters of Teras Kasi, sort of a combo of
> Vader and Luke in terms of special moves. She had the big Lightsaber move
> that Luke had where she could throw her saber at her opponent for major
> damage, then the force lightning ability that Vader had.
> We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!

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