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Google Acquires Phonetic Arts for Speech Synthesis
http://phonetic-arts.comphonetic arts Preview
Recorded dialogue is often only added late in a game's development and this can make it difficult to design, pace and test scenes in the earlier stages of production

PA Preview addresses this problem by providing a comprehensive system for automatically generating the dialogue

Preview works by using Phonetic Arts state of the art Generator technology. This can take any written sentence and generate its spoken equivalent

"We used PA Preview extensively as part of the alpha testing for Enslaved. It worked amazingly well and allowed us to do a full alpha-testing program with voices"
Tom Colvin Audio Director  Ninja Theory

"Many games today are developed under intense time pressure and rapid production cycles. PA Preview has been invaluable to us, and meant we could get convincing dialog much earlier than normal with our tight scheduling requirements. This allowed us to jump ahead in our production schedule without waiting on studio time or or talent availability for pick-ups."
Jesse Joudrey CTO  A.C.R.O.N.Y.M Games

"Our Developers typically don't get any audio, now they can not only hear the dialogue at every stage of development, they can make changes they need for a scene straight away"
Chris Nutall CTO  nDreams

Use Our Voices
PA Preview comes with a set of standard game character voices; with these you can be up and generating in-game dialog straight away

We have characters ranging from secret agents, fantasy princesses, sports commentators and many more. Here are some examples:


Use Your Own Voices
If you already have some recordings of a character (for example from a previous game) you can use PA Adapt to adapt our voices to sound like your character

Using as little as 200 lines, you can adapt the core voices and create as many new voices as you wish

Control Expression
Our copycat facility gives developers the ability to make lines sound exactly as they want.

Simply record the line yourself, and copycat generate the speech in the characters voice, but using your tone and inflection.

Script writers can use this to give a guide as to how they eventually want the lines to sound in the game.

You can speed up and slow down the speech to suit the pace of the game


Yes - but then your dialog will sound just like an off the shelf text-to-speech system!
Advantages of Preview
Voices that can sound lively or animated like the final characters in a game

Using PA Adapt, use existing recordings to make the voices sound like the character voices that will finally be used

Control expression: our patented Copycat technology allows you to speak a line in any style you want and Preview will copy that style but speak it with the voice of the character

Ensure all the character names and places are pronounced correctly

Offline: Preview can be run in PA Studio, our powerful speech development environment. Simply load in the script, process the lines and save the generated audio for inclusion in the game as assets.

In-game: run Preview live in the game; simply make the lines available to PA Engine and it will generate and stream the audio as needed.

Create lines of dialog at any stage in game development

Allow script edits to be instantly loaded into the game

Ability to handle an unlimited number of different voices

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