Hi Hayden,

I don't know about you but i find the Aircraft carriers an invaluable
part of my task force. Their power is being able to move a lot of
fighters across the map and attack coastal defences before landing
troops.  For example, if their is a city you want to capture I'll send
a couple of fighters in to bomb the crap out of any tanks or troops in
the area and then send in my transports to capture the city. Sometimes
I will lose a few fighters doing this, but it softens up the enemy
defences so that my infantry and tanks don't get hammered when they
land boots on enemy soil.

The other tactical advantage carriers have is they can act as mobile
refueling stations. If you have fighters scouting an area deep behind
enemy lines chances are good they can't get back to one of your cities
to refuel. They can land on your carrier and get refueled before
taking off and continue to scout the enemy defences.

Finally, carriiers are power houses in a navel engagement. For
example, an enemy battleship was pounding my coastal defences and my
submarines and battleships were not in the area. Fortunately, I had a
carrier fully loaded nearby. Well, I managed to kick the crap out of
the battleship. I sent all 8 fighters in to bomb and blast the
battleship which seriously damaged it. Then, I moved the carrier
itself in to engage the battleship and it was sunk without hardly any
damage to the carrier. The only week point in my attack were the
fighters as they are unfortunately are too easy to shoot down.
However, if you have several aircraft and consider them expendable
losses you can usually pound the enemy into pudding which I certainly

Of course the more carriers  you have in a group the more power you
have in numbers. I once attacked an enemy with four carrier groups and
32 fighters. Let's just say I lost about 12 fighters but every enemy
tank, soldier, and enemy aircraft in the immediate area was toast. I
totally cleared the island of enemy troops without landing a single
infantry unit on the island to capture it. I only sent my ground
forces in to take the cities and start production for my side.

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