Not only that but Jason, I think his name was, who wrote most of those
games was in no way a professional developer. I looked at the source
code for Giftenum one time and almost fainted it was that bad. I
wouldn't exactly recommend it for a beginner on that grounds alone.

Bottom line, the point I want to stress is if you are going to read
someone else's source code, learn from it, you really need to be sure
the person who wrote the sample really knows what he or she is doing.
Most audio games here are written by self-taught individuals rather
than professionals. In some cases that can be a bad thing as they may
teach a new programmer bad habbits, bad coding practices, that a
professional wouldn't recommend. A developer might, for example, use a
procedural programming design when an object oriented design would be
far more effective and manageable for that project.

Plus as has been pointed a lot of the free open source accessible
games out there like Chopper Patrol, Guess the Number, whatever are
written for Visual Basic 6. That is a very bad place to start. Visual
Basic 6 is essentially a dead language, is no longer supported, and
was designed for Windows 98 era computers.  Anyone seriously thinking
of supporting Windows 7 and beyond needs to think about a different
programming language. If they want to still use Visual Basic they need
to at least use VB .NET 2008 and update their skills to the new
language and the .NET platform. There is no excuse why our existing
game developers and new game developers should continue using outdated
software to create audio games.


On 12/16/10, Damien Pendleton <dam...@x-sight-interactive.net> wrote:
> Hi Kelly,
> To be honest, in my opinion, source code is very scarce, few and far between
> as far as audio games are concerned. The source code that generally is
> available is coded in Visual Basic 6, most of that is either rather messy or
> very simple and in my experience doesn't teach a lot of important concepts,
> especially on major projects.
> To give you an example, I have the VB6 source code to Danger City, Self
> Destruct, Giftanum, Chopper Patrol, and of course my own games. However,
> most of them games are demonstrating the same concepts, I.E. how to use
> timers and simple sound panning. The really major ones that touch on more
> important concepts like environments, sound panning based on the player's
> position in relation to other characters and objects within the game world,
> level mappings and AI's tend to be the more messy ones.
> In my opinion the best resource for open source/example games are currently
> those available on the BGT page and forums, and certainly if anybody needs
> any BGT help I'm willing to help in whatever ways I can.
> Regards,
> Damien.

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