Hi Ben,

Any time you learn something new like a programming language always
start out small before moving on to bigger projects.  For example,
when I was taking C++ in college we didn't start out with something
like a calculator or similar app we started with a simple "Hello
World" program and went from there. We wrote hundreds of small
practice programs that demonstrated some aspect of the language before
pulling all that together to write something like a simple ATM
machine, calculator, sample Cash Register program, whatever. So
instead of thinking of some big complex game like a real time Star
Wars game or another Shades of Doom think about writing small practice
programs like Guess the Number or an Eight Ball program that
demonstrates some aspect of the language before working your way upt
to that end project. That's the only way you will ever learn to know
when or where to start.

I'll say this. I've been oon the internet for several years and have
shared my insightes with a lot of people. The most common problem I
find with people interested in programming is a distinct lack of
patients. They want to pick up a book like Teach Yourself C++ in 21
Days, and expectt to start writing something as complex as Shades of
Doom the next day. That's just unrealistic. There are so many aspects
of the language they need to master before they get from point A to
point B that it may mean months of practical general purpose
programming, and writing simple programs before they have enough skill
to even attempt at writing anything remotely like Shades of Doom. Even
though BGT shaves lots of time off programming games etc you still
have to spend some time writing simple programs before moving on to
bbigger more complex ones.


On 12/18/10, Ben <gamehead...@aol.co.uk> wrote:
> all of you lot,
> lol.  i'm thinking of creating a project that has gone for 3 years without a
> hint of activity programming wise.  trouble is, i don't know where to begin.
> i've read bgt's manual around 30 times and i still don't know where to
> start.  i've been writing the game's story though, so thats someting...

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