It was a chat room full of sighted people.
btw: good friends are hard to come by.
At 11:50 PM 12/20/2010, you wrote:
Oh no, that's terrible, isn't that against the rules and counts as abuse to verbley attack someone on line? Where were the moderaters? It's people like that who make me sick, there's none so blind as those who don't see.
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Hi there.
I am so sorry for your loss.
In august a really good friend of 7 years was murdered in his own home in a very well-to-do area of Melbourne Australia, we first met on a chat room, he had a barber's shop, and I'd go and get my hair cut there. Let me share a story with you. While not directly game related, I was in a chat room and I was talking 1 on 1 with some guy about something I don't remember what. When I told him about how I am totally blind he asked if I was serious and I said Yes. The next thing I knew he starts calling me every nasty name under the sun he can think of. Go away you blind retard, you pathetic freak, Hey guys, this blind (expletive) wants to talk to me.
Well, I think you get the idea.
Then his friend joined in the attack.
Peter saw what was happening and quickly put an end to it.
The only reason those 2 people stopped attacking me was because they were one of the many people who visited Peter's shop, a lot of people looked up to him, and he had a very strong sence of right and wrong and if he saw someone getting ganged up on, he'd speak out about it and They did not want to end up in Peter's bad books. It always seems that the bad things happen to good people as it did with Peter, we shared many good times together and I will always remember what a decent person he was.

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