Actually william, this is just generally a fact of indi game developement. While some tools let people create graphical games faster, others (those written from scratch), can take months or years.

I've for instance been beta testing a low vision accessible game which has only just come out after about two years of work.

hurrican, winner of a good few indi game awards, took five years.

While certain tools and other facilities exist to code games faster and these certainly are used, when games are produced from scratch (and quite often the best games are! produced from scratch), this is the sort of time your looking at.

I don't think though this has anything to do with the rnib. They are about as far from knowing about game developement as you can get.

the basic issue is that they refuse to notice that blind people under the age of 65 really exist.

I've had a hard enough time convincing them of the value of audio books not! aimed at this generation, or of finishing the series they got.

Recently I was looking for info on voice over and mobile phone access, ---- and what do the rnib offer?

Mobile phones with big buttons and symple operations!

for the love of pete, it is my eyes that do not work, not! my brain!

In fact assuming that all blind people are fundimentally stupid is probably the rnib's biggest failing.

I was appauled that at the last rnib presentation I went to, they spent an hour and a half specifically! trying to persuade people to make donations to them in their wills, ---- which is manifestly only aimed at certain people.

So, the long and short of it is that the rnib are mostly an idiotic bunch (it's just a shame they get the Lion's share of the publicity and donations in this country, while more useful people don't).

Maybe, if they looked at pappasanga, they are improving, i'll give them a working over after Christmas and see what can be done.

Beware the Grue!


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