I so agree with you on this thomas
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Agreed. For a game to go on sale for $50 it would have to be pretty
good. Not only quality but have decent replay value as well. Of
course, labor is a factor too, but if you make a mistake during
development weather it is having to redo dialog, rerecord a sscene,
fix a bug, etc that cost should not be passed off to the customer
since it was the developer's own mistake.

For example, most people know I've been working on Mysteries of the
Ancients for roughly two years. First, we discovered Managed DirectX 9
was causing the game to crash so we rewrote the engine in C++ using
DirectX 8,and later we converted DirectX to SFML 1.6. Soon after beta
14 was released we discovered a bunch of new bugs in the engine caused
by SFML. So we are rewriting a big part of the engine once again. If I
were to put a price tag on the labor involved I could easily ask for
$50 for the game, but I won't do that. Why?

Well, in large part many of the problems were my fault. The game was
pretty stable using DirectX 8, but chose to give SFML 1.6 a try and
that ended up being a major mistake on my part. I shouldn't expect
customers to pay extra for the game since I have to rewrite a lot of
stuff to fix the problems caused by SFML. That's unfair to the
customer since it was my mistake and not their mistake.

So if TDV is marked up because of someone having to stay up late or
retake scenes that's just wrong in my book. I often stay up late
working on MOTA, but I don't ask for a penny extra. I chose to stay up
rather than work on it on weekends or some other time.


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