Hi all,  I'll cut to the chase.  Here are the new changes.

*Decreased the area of fire from 12 units to 4, thanks members of the Audyssey List!
*Added a pause function.  Thanks Thomas!
*added a pause sound.
*Made the background ambiance loop properly. Thanks Philip and Audyssey List!
*Updated the keys section of the manual to reflect pausing.
*Moved the checking for updates to the main menu.

Now it's time for my little blerb! I know updates are coming rather frequently, and those of you that have played the game can tell that it's my first time ever doing something like this. I am getting sentamental for a minute, bare with me! I've always wanted to put out a game, or multiple games, and am overjoyed at the chance to do so. I must thank all of you that have given me feedback, because it's all gone into my learning process. I wouldn't be surprised if a few of you have rolled your eyes at the amount of updates in the last two days, 3 actually, and said "Oh god. When will he be finally done!" Because I know I have! Lol. Anyway, for those of you that are enjoying the game as I am enjoying making it, I have to thank you. It's been fun so far, and I've learned lots. For those of you that have had the misfortune to play Car Shot, I hope that you have or will give Pull a try, because I think it'll be much much better for you. I'm still learning what makes a game difficult in my mind and in code are different, so, bare wth me as I struggle through this, and hopefully come out, when completed, with a game that people enjoy playing. So, once again, please send your feedback my way, weather good or bad, I could use it trust me! Also, thank you once again for taking your time to try my little game!

A note to sean: I know you enjoy the installer, however, because of the updator thing, and just because it's been this way from the beginning, I think I am going to keep the game as a zip file for now, unless people really wish for the installer. Also, I'm not sure how Phil does it, but, being on his games list, for consistancy, I think it would make his life a little easier too. If I don't kill him with the ammount of updates the seem to be coming forth. *grins*.

Thanks again,


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