Hi Thomas,

The only problem that I know of is that Windows 7 has two different program 
files folders.  Other than that lots of people are playing my games just fine 
under Windows 7.

I am wondering what market I might be concerned with.  I have been enjoying my 
hobby of creating computer games for over 30 years.  And yes I very much enjoy 
sharing them and getting feedback and suggestions, but some market?  And I very 
much doubt that Microsoft would support audio games in the first place.  And I 
wouldn't care anyway.  I know that my programming is way off from what is 
considered business standards.  And that is perfectly fine with me as business 
standards are just so that one can be replaced.  You know write the code so 
that it can be understood by others, so that you can be replaced.


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Hi Jim,

That is quite understandable given that you are still using XP.
However, whenever you decide to upgrade to Windows 7 or whatever comes
after Win 7 you are most likely going to have to begin updating your
Visual Basic skills to Visual Basic 2008 or later. That's not only
where the market is heading it is the only thing Microsoft Windows
will officially support in terms of the Visual Basic languages. Many
of us are already experiencing problems trying to get Visual Basic 6
based programs running under Windows 7, and things like that are going
to become increasingly more difficult as Windows evolves and is



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