Actually Jacob, i've always found british eloquence sounds more like what happens when a bad American actor tries! to do a british accent and fails horribly, that's why I dislike it myself and if I were to use eloquence I'd probably want the Us version just for that reason even though for most synths I'd much prefer a british voice, ---- having something of a slightly over posh English accent myself ;D.

Baat of cooorse, one is mioast displeeeyeesed; the'att the Quaains E'yengle'yish is see'yo dree'yehdfully Pre'onaaanced, bay the'yose hohrable, Ammee'yerican se'yinths.

yee gods! getting orphius to say that poshly enough was bloody hard, and goodness knows what other synths will make of it ;d.

Beware the Grue!


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