Hi Kai,

That's one of the things I hope to balance out in MOTA if I can. As
you know the G3D engine does use collision detection and you can duck
and jump to avoid attacks which is closer to the mainstream evasion
tactics seen on mainstream games. Problem is that it isn't as good as
it could be. This is a technical limitation on my part rather than any
desire to foresake such tactics. I hope to get this working because
blocking and avoiding attacks is very much a part of mainstream gaming
I personally want to see implamented in VI games. Especially, my own.


On 1/27/11, Kai <kaixi...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Greetings Thomas.
> A lot of "accessible" games which involve combat also never use true
> collision detection. In many of these games, it's either you're in range and
> you get hit, or you're out of range and don't. There's no chance of misses,
> no proper evasion, no combat tactics in general. battle zone, for instance,
> is literally walk up, destroy space bar until enemy dies, take some damage
> to health or armour. In most sighted games, combat is much more realistic,
> with you being able to block attacks, roll, duck, jump/evade, etc. The only
> games I've seen use collision detection negated the potential of such a
> system by having a lack luster combat system. Shades of Doom, for instance,
> uses collision to check for bullet/melee impact, but beyond that, there's no
> method of tactical defence.
> It's reasons like that which draw me back to my Playstation all the time. In
> a game like Dragon Ball Z, for instance, you can parry energy blasts,
> reflect them, dodge them. You can parry, dodge, evade, and counter almost
> everything else, too, given proper timing.
> Maybe once I figure out the logistics of my own project, such a tactical
> game will, at least for me, be realized.
> Kai

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