Hi Jeremy,

Geremy wrote:

If a developer is using Visual basic 6.0 then why would they care
about its availability
for purchase?  Clearly they already have it if they are using it.

My reply:

Well, first of all, it was my understanding that this game was suppose
to be a comunity project. Sure some of the people like Ken and Jim
have the necessary Visual Basic 6.0 software to do development.
However, not everyone on this list would have Visual Basic 6.0. I
certainly don't.

As for myself personally that was one of the things I threw away a few
years back. in 2007 when my wife and I moved to Millersburg we decided
to go through our things and throw out everything and anything we
didn't need. I threw out several software cds like Windows 95, Windows
98, MS Office 97, and Visual Basic 6.0 was on that list of software
that went to the trash. Since I was using Visual Studio 2005, now
Visual Studio 2008, I had no need for Visual Basic 6.0. So in order
for me to help out with this project, if I wanted to, I'd have to
repurchase Visual Basic 6.0. I'd much rather use something like BGT

Geremy wrote:

I'm not looking to jump into a flame war, but I personally hate when
people try to
push programming languages onto other developers.  Over the years
every time I used
a different language I ran into someone who seemed personally offended
that I wasn't
using some Other language.

My reply:

First, my comments were not intended to start a flame war. They were
simply my opinion which someone is free to take it or leave it. They
should not be taken as inflamitory or pushy.

Second, I don't think making a simple recommendation based on my
experience and opinions is pushing. I'm sorry you took it that way,
but they were not intended to be pushy or forcing anyone to do
anything they didn't want to do. I think you need to calm down and
chill a bit. You are acting as though I was shoving BGT down your
throat when that was clearly not my intent.

Finally, my feelings about Visual Basic 6.0 are valid. Regardless of
how you personally see it I do not believe and don't agree that game
developers should continue to use the language. It is more than twelve
years old, way past its time, and people need to look at other
alternatives. That's all I was saying. I think BGT is one such


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