I'm happy to report on issues that come up in the advanced/specialty games.
The game I'm in has three additional character types, key and ship hoarders
that do what they suggest and a remnant of a progenitor race that appears to
partake of weaker versions of everyone else's powers and score points based
on all the victory conditions.  I chose to play a missionary as it
complemented the strengths of my two other team members (oh yes, it's a team
game too.)  I've managed to submit first turn orders, though I've kept them
as draft, i.e. not submitted to the server until I have had a chance to
coordinate with my team mates who are offering me game advice.

As an aside, I think you'll find the web interface less of a learning
challenge than the email interface.  The page is clean and easy to move
around, as everything is set up in nice tables, with the order field near
the bottom.  There's even a handy link to the order syntax, so that you can
have this open in a separate tab and refer back to it.  The orders are
described in the order of phases that happen through the turn, so you can
just go from heading to heading in the order codes and see which orders
occur in what sequence.

All in all, this is a much simpler web interface than say, Core Exiles or
Ashes of Angels, the most recent web-based games I've tried.  A client would
be nice, but really, I was able to do my first turn in under five minutes
once I had the hang of setting up the order codes and the rules in separate
tabs to flip between while researching what in heck I was doing  Now that
I've done it once, though the turns will quickly get more complex, it should
go smoothly enough, particularly with a week between turns and two teammates
with a vested interest in me doing well.

        Chris Bartlett (The Mad Violinist)

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