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I could not agree more, or have said it better.


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The entire issue of which language to use comes down to a single question, is 
this work or art?  If a developer works for you then have every right to 
dictate how the project will go, and that would include how it was 
accomplished.  In the end, the developer's goal is to meet your needs and 
satisfy you.

If, however, the project is a personal endeavor then it is categorized as an 
art.  When an artist is creating he, or she, is doing so to meet their own 
needs and no one else should ever expect to be satisfied also.  If others enjoy 
the end result that is an excellent bonus, but it should never be expected to 
the point that the observers treat it like anything less than an artist at work.

To a programmer, the language they choose is their instrument.  I doubt any of 
us would have the gall to tell a musician they should switch to piano if they 
are composing a song with a harp.  Every person probably has a favorite 
instrument but clearly it isn't any of our business which instrument someone 
uses.  Someone could make the claim that a pianist should abandon his clunky 
real piano in favor of synth software.  When it comes to art, convenience isn't 

Just because game engines or tools exist to speed up game development, there is 
still no justification to pressure an artist into using them.  In my opinion, 
it is disrespectful to treat their art as work expected to make others happy.  
If it brings a programmer personal satisfaction to write code from scratch then 
that is just fine.

If there are any programmers floating around who use languages so absolutely 
outdated that no one on the planet can even run their games, I tip my hat to 
you as artists just as I would to the developers of the most popular game 
titles today.  I believe art should be respected as art.



I like Visual Basic 6.0 because I can not C.

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