Hi Ken and all,

I guess my question is "why?" What exactly is the point of writing a
game for a Comidor 64 knowing that the hardware and software is
completely out of date?

>From my personal perspective I update my system roughly two to three
years. When Windows XP came out I was one of the first to switch from
Windows ME to XP. When Vista came out I had the operating system up
and running about two weeks after Vista came out. When Windows 7 came
out I purchased an upgrade about two months later. So from that
perspective writing games that are known to not be fairly compatible
with the next gen operating system is a bad design in my opinion. If
you don't think about or plan ahead for these changes developers with
the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" opinion are going to be sorely
upset when their software no longer correctly runs. Which is exactly
the problem we are facing now.

For example, beginning with Windows Vista Microsoft added a new
security feature, User Account Control, that is suppose to help
protect you, the end user from viruses and other malware.
Unfortunately, since most of the VI accessible games out there aren't
UAC compatible I have to disable the operating system's security
features in order to play legacy applications written in VB 6. Why
should I have to put up with using incompatible software just because
someone is unwilling to change his/her ways?

All I'm saying is it is fine to have these little discussions of art
verses work etc, but the fact still remains if you choose a poor
design it is a poor design regardless of how much you love the
language, technology, or type of hardware you create it for. If you
write it for a Comidor 64 go ahead but don't expect anyone else to
play it as it won't run on anything modern. That sounds like a whole
lot of work for nothing in my opinion. I don't really understand this
I don't care if it is old opinion.


On 2/1/11, Ken the Crazy <kenwdow...@neo.rr.com> wrote:
> You know Jim, I'm half tempted to make a game for the Commodore 64 just to
> prove your point, for it is a good one.  The sad thing is that people who
> can't run visual basic could download VICE and run that game.  Of course, it
> would be terrible, but funny too.
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