Hi Ken,

Well, I do understand your position quite well. Even though when it
comes to programming I'm pretty adaptable that doesn't mean I'm very
good at all of the languages I've learned over the years. I'm not, for
example, very good at Visual Basic. For one reason or another my
talents have been with C languages like C++, Java, C# .net, and Perl.
Of course, if I worked with the language more I'd get better at it,
but the fact remains my skills are more with C languages than with
basic languages like Visual Basic.

However, I think I might be able to help you. Genesis 3D was designed
as a managed dll for the .net family of languages and its soul
advantage over BGT is that someone like yourself could learn and use
Visual Basic .net and easily get access to DirectX, Sapi, networking,
3d calculations, etc through the g3d.dll. This would completely
resolve the issue of installing several third-party wrappers like
SlimDX and so on because all of that would be accessible through
g3d.dll. As long as you supplied SlimDX with your VB .net app you
would have access to most of the basic game APIs you need. If you
wanted access to OpenAl, for example, I could wrap that as well. In
fact, I'm going to have to do that anyway for the non-Windows port
since OpenAL is used for audio in the majority of games for Linux and
Mac OS.


On 2/2/11, Ken the Crazy <kenwdow...@neo.rr.com> wrote:
> Exactly right.  Now if it's a game I'm selling, I want to reach as many as
> possible.  My Phrase Madness game is an example.  It works on all the
> windows platforms as far as I know, as well as Windows Mobile 6.5 and under.
> The point of that game will be to sell it, which means that support is the
> huge priority.  For my free games, the priority is not so much as to be on
> the cutting edge, but to make something that is awesome.
> By the way, I've looked at BGT, and though I still plan to look at it and
> try to learn it, I'm going to focus on learning VB.net.  That book that's in
> the Heli folder is all about how to program with it.  I know that it's
> already obsolete, and that I'm way behind the times.  Oh well, it's been
> that way in many areas through my whole life.  I just can't get my mind
> around C style languages.  It's like playing the trumpet.  I like the
> trumpet's sound better than, say a flute, but the flute makes some sense to
> me.  The trumpet doesn't make any sense to me at all, and I struggled for
> years to learn it.  Now my primary instrument is the keyboard, and it makes
> more sense to me than the flute.  How I wish there was a programming
> language based on music--that'd be awesome.  Anyway, maybe now you get my
> point.  I'm not saying the trumpet is bad--I love its sound.  But if ever
> you're in Ohio and you hear the sound of a cow dying in agony, it's not a
> cow at all, but me trying to play the trumpet.
> Ken Downey
> President
> DreamTechInteractive!
> And,
> Blind Comfort!
> The pleasant way to experience massage!
> It's the Caring
> without the Staring!

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