All very wel said, Tom. Having read that, I know that fighting games aren't for everyone. But for the curious, it is a good place to start, and once you do start, you might find that fighting games have a lot more depth and replayability that you don't imagine would be there when you first start out. I remember... the first game I ever played. A fighting game. It was super street fighter 2 turbo, on the snes. 1997... at the age of 5. I still remember mashing buttons trying to get attacks to land, and having nothing work. When I did my first fireball and heard it connect... man was I extatic. lol. But having said that, I've grown up on fighting games, and it's become something of a passion. Games like this are overlooked... frankly because the concept of two people slugging it out isn't very complicated, on the surface. But there are so many types of fighting games with different fighting engines it gets complex and is a fun thing to try and learn all of them. And Tom, what you said about menus is also a good point. Let me mention again.. import games. I'm a huge fan of them, and especially with a ps3 that is region-free I can get any fighting game from whatever region. Usually this means Japan. Now, most major fighting games have english menus... but there are many that are in Japanese, and in those instances, sighted people have to find translations on the internet, and anotate them somehow. In that case, they're as blind as we are... pardon the expression. Not being able to read the language is just as good as not knowing what menu items are because we can't see them.

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