Hi Muhammed,

Short of calling you an idiot let me explain what is wrong with your
logic here. Entombed is a Windows product, written specifically for
the Microsoft Windows OS, and will not run on Apple Mac OSX natively.
So how do you get it to run on a Mac computer? Simple, you install a
copy of Windows OS on the Mac using VMWare, Fusion, etc so Windows
will run side by side with Mac OS. In order to run the game then you
have to shutdown the Mac, and reboot into Windows. That's how you get
Entombed to run on a Mac. You still need Windows installed using a
virtual machine, IE side by side with Mac OS, in order to run Windows
applications and games on a Mac. You try and install Entombed on there
without first installing Windows on there it absolutely will not work.
How do I know this?

Let's see. Entombed is written in C# .NET. While there is a .net
framework for Mac, Mono, there are some major technical differences
between Mono and Microsoft .NET. Unless you write the app specifically
for Mono the product will probably not run cross-platform in the first

Entombed uses the XNA Framework. It is a strictly Microsoft product
used to wrap DirectX 9.0C, 10, and 11. In case you haven't noticed Mac
OS does not have DirectX or XNA. They have their own game APIs.

Entombed uses the Microsoft Speech API, Sapi, which is also a Windows
specific technology.No, Mac OS does not use Sapi. Apple does have
their own Speech API which apps like Voice Over use, but it is not
Sapi. So again Entombed would have to have a major rewrite to support
the Apple Speech API. So try and use a little common sense here will

So to be clear the information on the website you tried to show me of
proof is no proof at all. It is correct, but your personal
interpretation of what it says is wrong.  My guess is you don't know
what he means by VMWare, Fusion, etc since you don't use a Mac, and
don't have a clue about what you are talking about here.


On 2/14/11, Shiny protector <muhamme...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hears the evidence. Read below.
> Entombed can be run on a Mac if it's virtualized through VMWare Fusion or a
> similar program.

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