On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 10:36:15PM -0500, Phil Vlasak wrote:
> I also did a google search for RSW game and found it stands for,
> Retro Space Wars

[My Reply:]
        Hi Phil,

        How far down on the list did you have to read?

Searching for:
         "Retro Space Wars" 3rd result, 1st page.
        "RSW" 7th link, 3rd page
        "RSW +blind" Stopped searching after page 3.
"RSW +"visually impaired""2nd link, 1st page gave me the link!

        Guess I should've done 2 more searches.  Didn't think to search 
for "RSW +game", as I wasn't even sure it was a game or not, but it came 
up as the first link on the first page. <.sighs.>  Either it's been a 
bad day and I'm tired of waiting for amazon.com to mail me another 
Playstation, LCD screen, and Soul Blade and Tekken 3, or I just got 
caught at a frustrated beyond all recognition moments.  Next time I'll 
just kill the thread and move on, as I'm sick of begging for scrapts.


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