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you don't know jack is a game the developers themselves classify as "funny trivia", the "show where high culture and pop culture collide" the series was pretty big in the mid to late 90's and made a comeback last month. you'll be asked questions which you'd normally not see in a trivia game. for instance, in episode 2 of the new series one category is "win... doez!... seven", and yes, the dows part is pronounced sort of like homer going doh. The question actually asks which of the following artists could not use their name as a windows filename. will I.am, ke$ha, ?love, and someone else whom I don't remember. Then at the end they have these fake commertials that play when you just sit there on the play again prompt. the whole game is very humorous and really cracks me up, and many others I know. ----- Original Message ----- From: "dark" <d...@xgam.org>
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I've never heard of the ydkj or whatever it was called, --- what's that?

Boppit generally is accessible unless it's in light bop mode, which the boppit blast had as an option but which I think is a necessary level to pass on boppit download.

You need to hit the controls when the voice speaks and! when the light is on, sinse sometimes it will say a command like "pull it" and the light is off so pulling it will make you lose.

it's an interesting varient, a bit like simon says, but it's a shame they couldn't have a version with an extra sound to make it accessable for people who can't see the lights.

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