I purchased word strain volume1.
I also do not like volume2 as hang man and bg brainiac is better.
But I love word blast and word jitter in word strain volume1.
In word blast, its nice to type as many words as I can  in the short amount
of time given.
And what's nice of word blast, I copy each word displayed which I do not
know the meaning of.
So then I paste these words in a document and I then use word web to look
each one up and get its definition; in this way I expand my vocabulary. 

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HI Lellia.

To be honest I'm less certain about bsc's wordstrain games, sinse similar, 
or indeed better versions of many of those games can be found for free.

For instance, there are the games from 
http://www.omninet.net.au/~irhumph/blindgamers.htm which include a number of

word games, and brainiac which functions rather like the word replica game.

Then, there are the two dan Z titles chainlink and search party which are 
now freeware and can be found on www.usagamesinteractive.com, not to mention

Jim kitchin's hangman and concentration found at www.kitchinsinc.net.

You might also want to check out www.7-128.com which offer a number of 
accessible word games involving deffinitions and unscrambling words which 
don't cost much.

This isn't to say you shouldn't buy the bsc games, just if your interested 
in word games, there are many others around some of which may offer similar 
or possibly even superior gameplay to bsc's.

I for instance am a big fan of bg brainiac, which in concentration but with 
many different modes and interesting point scoring, thus making word replica

a trifle superfluous to me.

Beware the grue!


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