First, the links to the rom packs are up on the forum for everybody to see. Second, to legal and ethical issues, I would have to say that first, I doubt a company like Nintendo is going to come after a single person or group of blind people for downloading their roms when dozens of rom sites exist, especially since they know that one can't get blood from turnips. Second, I think that people playing roms, even if they don't own a game console, is good for business. For example, my son has a game boy advanced. I played the rom of Sound Voyager, and now I have no doubt but that I'm going to buy that game. I've also been playing the Mortal Kombat 3 rom on the SNES emulator. I know I'm not going to get an SNES console and buy Mortal Kombat 3 for that platform, I'm really tempted to find a version that's made for the PC--if I can find one that moves the sounds of the players in stereo as the ones for the SNES do. Therefore, since the roms are much older, and the emulators are not as good as a real console, I don't see why anybody should complain about this. For example, if somebody made a rom of Phrase madness, and, since it was emulated, had a very slow response time and didn't work as well as the original, it would be almost like a demo of the game. Sure, you'd have limitless access, but eventually you'd want the real thing. The roms pack releases are geared specifically for the blind and will get a lot more people playing games as long as they don'g get scared about legal action which isn't going to come anyway.

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